Saturday, 28 February 2009

I have bitten the bullet and am attempting a blog. This is largely because I am unable to edit my website without a huge amount of aggravation, so this is just a wee page to say I am still alive and kicking - just about !

I am no longer teaching - for a number of reasons - but do try to help occasionally when I can with some of the artists who visit, a terrific website for artists of all levels.

I am still painting, tho have slowed down a little in terms of exhibiting, in order to explore some alternative styles and approaches.

I had an exhibition in my own home - well, in the garden actually, in MAY 2009. My garden is lovely, and it was accepted by the National Gardens Scheme for inclusion in their "yellow book" this year. visitors had the chance to wander around the garden, and see a small exhibition of appropriate work. It was hugely successful, we had, over two days, 800 visitors!

This year I am gradually working on new pieces, some of which I will show shortly. I am trying out a variety of new approaches, so much of the work is in its infancy still.

I am also new to blogging and still working it all out.